Powerful 5 Step System To Get Hired Fast and Make More Money

For IT Graduates and IT Boot Camp Graduates (and for anybody that does not have a job and wants one)

No Nonsense, Street Smart, Step By Step Guide To Getting Hired And Maximizing Career Earnings.  

You’ve spent thousands learning Programming and IT skills. If you are not quickly hired, you may be losing thousands more in opportunity costs.  If you do not maximize career moves, it might actually cost you hundreds of thousands, or even millions!

How To Make Hiring Managers Hungry To Interview You

How To Dramatically Increase The Number Of Interviews You Get

How To Answer “Tell Me About Yourself”

How To Close An Interview

How To Negotiate For More Money

How To Make Your Career An Upward Spiral

How To Turbo Charge Your Earnings

I have good news!   This book will help you get hired quicker and make more money.  Not just now, but throughout your career.  This is information you can use over and over again. 

My name is Jim Tanner, I’ve been hired by over 30 major corporations for IT consulting during my career.   In this book, I am giving you my best stuff in condensed form.  Your offer,  marketing, interviewing, and closing the deal. 

Get this book now, and get the most out of your career and your education investments!

Who Is this book for?

This book is for any person that WANTS a job but does not have one.  I want to help you get a job.  You getting a job not only impacts you, but your wife or husband, your significant others, your family, your children.  And by extension, it will impact your community and the world at large.  Everybody that wants a job and gets one makes a positive impact on the world.  If you want a job, I want to help you get one. 

Why do you charge for this book?

I would give this book away.  And if you have no means to pay for it, contact me, and I will find a way to get you a copy.  https://jimtannertech.com  

But my experience shows that people only appreciate and use things they pay for.   If you pay for this book, you may read it.  And if you read it, and apply the principles, you WILL get a job, and make more money.  Charging you is my way of getting you to read or listen to the book!  No amount of money can match the joy of seeing a person’s happiness when they get a job, and the happiness of the people they love.

What is your guarantee?

My guarantee is if you read this book, use the principles, and do not get a job and more money, I will refund whatever you paid, 100%, no questions asked.  

I Want To Get Hired Fast!

Get on the Fast Track to a better job with more pay.