I Will Show You My 5 Step System for Getting Hired Fast and Making More Money 

For IT Professionals Who Are Job Hunting

For Recent IT Graduates Who Are Job Hunting

I give professionals a proven repeatable system to get the job they really want. I take the randomness out of the process and make it predictable.

Jim Tanner - Job Success Coach

About Me – Jim Tanner

I am an entrepreneur and IT Consultant from Chicago.   In addition to being a former CEO, I have been hired as an IT Contractor by more than 30 of the top names in business such as Chase, PepsiCo, McDonalds, John Deere, Northern Trust, CNA, Dover, Citibank, and many more.  I have a 5 Step system for quickly and consistently getting new jobs. I share my system with other IT Professionals (Contract and Full Time Employees) to fast track their job searches.

Get A Higher Paying Job Fast With My 5 Step System!  

I have used this system for 25 years and it has worked every time, in every kind of job market.

I have Cracked The Code of the IT Job Market, and I will Teach You How!

Above Are Just A Few Of The Companies Who Have Hired Me

Have You Ever?

  • Felt Lack Of Control?
  • Felt Hopeless About Your Job Search?
  • Felt You Didn’t Have Enough Experience?
  • Felt Like You Had To Settle for Less?
  • Felt Like You Should Take A Service Job? 
  • Felt Like Giving Up?

Getting a Job Isn’t Luck Or Magic, It’s A System

I will guide you through my 5 Step Job System that gives
you exact actions so that you can control the process.

Learn How To

  • How To Get Your Resume To The TOP Of The Stack
  • How To Make Hiring Managers Hungry To Interview You
  • How To Dramatically Increase The Number Of Interviews You Get
  • How To Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” 
  • The Best Way To Close An Interview 
  • How (and When) To Negotiate AND GET More Money
  • How To Make Your Career An Upward Financial Spiral
  • How To Turbo Charge Your Earnings
  • Other Secrets – That Nobody Else Tells you!

Speed – Get Hired During The 6 Week Program

  • Some Programs are long term multiple month study programs
  • This program is Build For Speed
  • Our Goal Is 6 Weeks Program to go from “not hired” To “Hired”
  • Go From anxious about job search, to Confident About Job Search
  • 6 Weeks To Give You A Job Getting Approach For Life
  • Define Your Ideal Job Now, and How to Redefine It In The Futre
  • 6 Weeks To Be Signing Timecards, and Getting Billable Hours
  • 6 Weeks To Getting Your Benefits
  • We have longer term career objective training included, but it’s All About The Now and Getting Hired and Getting Started At Your New Job.
  • You will have to do the work, but we will give you the Exact Steps and the Specific Framework.  
  • Your Job is to work the program – Exactly As Given
  • Support As You Work Through Your Funnel – To Your Ideal Situation – Happy And Getting Paid

Get Contol of Your Career And Your Life

We live in a new world, a world where IT Programmers are in high demand.  

You Have More Power Than You Think!

I Will Help You Unlock That Power, and Teach You My Secrets

  • Get what you want out of life
  • Get the job YOU want, Where you want, doing What you want, with Who you want!
  • Feel like you are in control of your life
  • Make Advancement Your Choice, Not Someone Else’s Choice
  • Control Your Own Upward Mobility
  • Lose the Fear of Job Changes –  Forever